The Coaches


Coach Adam

Coach Adam brings a true soldier’s commitment to inner strength and resilience. After years as a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces, as well as his desire to find a deeper spiritual connection, he fights daily for the vision of personal freedom and empowerment of the men within Forge Legend, and he draws the same determination out of everyone who’s willing. What you can expect from him: raw honesty, tireless dedication, and unflinching truth.


Coach Kevin

After serving as the Head Coach at Wake-Up Warrior for two years, Coach Kevin founded Forge Legend with his business partner and friend, Coach Adam, to bring their combined vision to a men’s movement unlike anything else on Earth. Full of power, vulnerability, wisdom, and vision, Coach Kevin gives Forge Legend the solid foundation it needs to change the lives of every man who joins. What you can expect from him: genuine connection and an insistence on responsibility and accountability.

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